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This substantially revised edition of Fifth Generation Management helps executives out of the rigid mindsets of the Industrial Era into the vibrant and invigorating possibilities of co-creation in the Knowledge Era. Divided into two parts, the first completely rewritten section narrates "Five Days that Changed the Enterprise," a case study of senior executives who are forced out of their cozy little empires into a new network organization of their own design. The second part discusses the process of co-creating through virtual enterprising dynamic teaming, and knowledge networking. Included is essential new information on fractal enterprises, holonic management systems, agile enterprises, and hyper-text organizations.

  • Expands beyond Business Process Re-engineering to newer management developments including "agile organizations", "fractal enterprises", and "holonic management".
  • Includes updated lessons learned over the past 5 years since Fifth Generation Management was first published
  • Discusses "antibodies" resisting meaningful change in organizations
  • Emphasizes co-creating through dynamic teaming of core capabilities. Now in the context of "Intellectual Capital" and "Knowledge Assets"
  • Includes coverage of virtual enterprising in the Knowledge Era Vital data

Publication Date: March 1996
Binding: paperbound
Extent: 256 pages
ISBN: 0-7506-9701-6
Price: $17.95


Ordering Information

English Edition

The English edition of Fifth Generation Management can be ordered from amazon.com.

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English Edition

German Edition (order via amazon)

Fifth Generation Management, Kreatives Kooperieren durch Virtuelles Unternehmertum, Dynamische Teambildung und Vernetzung von Wissen

ISBN 3-7281-2173-8

German Edition (order via vdf Hochschulverlag, Zurich)

Portuguese Edition (Brazil)

Quinta Geracao de Gerencia, Criando por meio do Empresariamento do Virtual, do Dinamismo das Equipes e do Conhecimento Colocado em Rede (Editora Pioneira)

Order from: Enio Matheus Guazzelli & Cia. Ltda.
02515-050, Praca Dirceu de Lima, 313, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Phone: 55-11-858-3199, Fax: 55-11-858-0443
ISBN 85-221-0047-0

Fifth Generation Management is also available in Japanese and Korean

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