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Corporate Profile

Knowledge Era Enterprises International, (KEE International) helps companies build the foundations (emotionally, intellectually and technically) for the 21st Century by mastering the skills, techniques and technology for Knowledge Era Enterprising.

We work closely with the CEO, the leadership team and all parts of the organization to build a foundation of trust, learning, openness, creativity and collaboration, so the organization's talents can be wisely teamed to seize and deliver on profitable business opportunities, co-creating the future with our customers.

The shift from the Industrial Era to the Knowledge Era opens up an exciting new range of possibilities for companies to better leverage their intellectual and emotional capital. By helping to make individual and organizational values explicit, people can shape the environment they wish to live in. Moreover, they are able to more quickly to team and re-team their capabilities to help their customers meet their aspirations towards their customers.

Instead of the traditional mental model of the linear value chain, KEE International works with a simple but powerful model of four overlapping circles: (See Value Cluster Slides for fuller graphics of this shift)

four.gif (4285 bytes)

KEE International provides a range of services alone or in collaboration with other persons and companies in the following areas:

Executive Briefings:

  • Knowledge Era Enterprising
  • The Dynamics of the Transition from the Industrial to the Knowledge Era
  • The New Business Rules of the Knowledge Economy
  • Knowledge and Values: Tapping the Hidden Wealth of the Enterprise
  • Intellectual Capital, Lifeless without Emotional Capital
  • "Knowledge Management:" An Unfortunate Title for An Enormously Important Frontier
  • Increasing Stakeholder Value by Interrelating Value, Values, Valuing and Valuation

Executive Orientation Workshops:

  • Enhancing Leadership Skills for the Knowledge Era Enterprising
  • Building Dynamic Teaming Capabilities Internally and with Supplier/Partners and Customers (Especially through Dynamic Teaming sessions with key Customers)
  • Creating a Energizing and Energized Corporate Culture
  • Building "Communities of Practice" and "Communities of Leaders"
  • Individual and Organizational Values, The Foundation for Vision and Mission

Brief Corporate Assessments:

  • Organizational Culture, Values and Ethics
  • Dynamic Teaming Capabilities
  • Creativity, Collaboration, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Executive Coaching for Individual Executives and Executive Teams:

  • One-to-one Coaching to Enhance Leadership Styles in Knowledge Era
  • Team Coaching to create a Strong, Focused and Disciplined "Community of Leaders"

Organizational Foundation Building for Knowledge Era Enterprising:

  • Working with the CEO, responsible VP, General Manager, and business unit, over a six to nine month period, we combine Culture and Values assessment and coaching with practical exercises in the dynamically teaming of core capabilities to enhance overall business performance (See next section on Knowledge Era Enterprising).

Some of the clients with which KEE International has worked are Siemens AG, Siemens Business Systems, ABB, Monsanto, Hyatt, Cultor, Alstom, Deutsche Bank and others.

KEE International works closely with other consultants and consulting companies to better leverage the depth of our various capabilities. Among our extended community of active collaborators, we include Dr. Brian Hall of Values Technology and others.

If you or your organization is interested in mastering the basics of Knowledge Era Enterprising, please give us a call or send us an e-mail to charles.savage@kee-inc.com or sundrum@ecultureteam.com.We welcome the opportunity to better understand your vision and help you move into the future.

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