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Feel free to take and use these slides in your own work. We only ask you to retain the copyright on the slides. In return, we would welcome hearing more about the focus of your efforts. charles.savage@kee-inc.com or sundrum@ecultureteam.com .

greybull.gif (1134 bytes) Transforming Knowledge: The 21st Century Wealth Driver
greybull.gif (1134 bytes) Sources of Wealth
We are in the midst of a major shift in the source of wealth. It brings with it a shift from an economy based on scarcity to one based on both
scarcity and abundance. Tapping the new wealth challenges us to unlearn the mindsets, mental models and metaphors of the Industrial Era, as we transition into the Knowledge Economy.
greybull.gif (1134 bytes) From the Value Chain to the Value Cluster
The "value chain" model has outlived its usefulness. In the Knowledge Era we work multiple relationships at the same time. A large percentage of our key resources are outside the four walls of our company. Instead of just focusing on our customers' deficiencies, weaknesses, needs and problems, we need to find ways we can use our strengths to strengthen their strengths so they can better meet their aspirations with their customers (our customers' customers). This moves us way beyond the simplicity of "customer focus" programs.
greybull.gif (1134 bytes) The House of Knowledge
The House of Knowledge involves three elements: knowers, the processes of knowing (knowledging) and the known (and unknown). Unfortunately, knowledge management usually focuses just on the known without taking into consideration the larger dynamics of knowledge.
greybull.gif (1134 bytes) Knowledge Turns
In the Industrial Era, we strove to increase the speed at which we turned raw materials into finished products. In the Knowledge Era, our challenge is to quickly weave together multiple ideas, experiences and learnings into a tapestry of products and services. This requires that we can actively value the other and that we operate within a culture of trust, collaboration and openness.
greybull.gif (1134 bytes) Values Shift
As we move from the Industrial to Knowledge Era, our values need to and must shift if we hope to increase creativity and collaboration within and between our companies. Moreover, as we understand our efforts within a larger society, our level of engagement, focus and productivity increases. Drs. Brian Hall and Benjamin Tonna have developed an exciting way not only to understand, but to experience this shift.
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